Mississippi-Tennessee-Alabama Rural Tourism Conference

Welcome Tennessee! We are pleased to announce that the Rural Tourism Conference has officially expanded to include the state of Tennessee. We are no longer the Mississippi-Alabama Rural Tourism Conference, but are now the Mississippi-Tennessee-Alabama Rural Tourism Conference. This is much more than a name change. Bringing Tennessee on board has added new talent and abilities of our planning team, expanded the reach of our programming, and broadened geographically the sites for hosting the conferences.

Recognizing that tourism is a vital part of a community’s economic development, the Mississippi-Tennessee-Alabama Rural Tourism Conference is a collaborative effort focused on assisting smaller communities in bolstering tourism. Dynamic speakers will present innovative ideas and relevant information that attendees will find useful in facing the unique challenges of promoting rural tourism with limited budgets. This annual conference is hosted alternately between Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama, however anyone associated with or interested in the rural tourism industry is invited to attend.